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TradingSoft is a Chicago-based software development company. Founded in 2012, we have grown into a sizable development team. Our high responsiveness, perfection, development capabilities and extremely short turnaround times have encouraged many clients to rely on us to develop their trading infrastructure software and other business applications.

How can we help by cost effectiveness, quality and quick turnaround ?

Greg Hudgens

Account Manager

Software consulting veteran. Full of bright ideas. Carries day-to-day communication with our clients and provides guidelines and overall goals for development team.

Adrian Mlodkowski


Worked as a software architect in multi-billion dollar companies. Provides critical technical leadership, creates overall architecture and ensures quality and maintainability of our applications.

Tom Kustra

IT Manager

Worked for multi-thousand employees software consulting firms. Manages day-to-day software development operations. DevOps evangelist, ensures quality of our software.

Rafal Ceglowski

Lead Web Developer

Worked in hundreds of web projects for clients around the globe. A true web application master. Mentors junior developers, creates application foundations and develops real-time trading applications.

Mateusz Jarazny

Financial Back End Developer

Northwestern IT graduate. Develops back ends for major financial brokerage houses. Provides deep exchange connectivity and financial network protocol expertise along with impeccable big-data and multi-threading coding skills at array of languages.

Dagmara Spendowska

UI Designer

Art school graduate, relentless at finding yet another great UI look. Highly creative, overflows clients with design choices. Provides modern (if not revolutionary) UIs to encapsulate our great ergonomics.

Mateusz Wilczynski

Financial Developer

Strong background in game development, multithreaded servers and complicated, dynamic GUIs. With over 10 years of experience Matt is a great front end and back end developer.

Angelica Lendzion

Human Resources / Accounting

Accounting school graduate. Selects candidates to fulfill our current demands. Critical for rapid staffing of projects to ensure extremely short turnaround times. Processes invoices, payroll and accounting.

Casper Orlik

Delivery Manager

Business school graduate. Highly intelligent. Prepares project timelines, ensures resource availability and timely deliveries. Facilitates team communication and dispatching tasks.

Our Expertise

Our teams are experienced in a wide variety of platforms and domains – from custom software and mobile app development to integrations and implementations, we can help you deliver your projects on time and on budget.

Reliable Custom Software
For years we have been writing the systems that companies depend on. Web applications, mobile apps, trading software, online storefronts. All done with superior quality and rapid turnaround times.

Software Development
Our work has made us experts in delivering ultra-fast software that relies on big data. We are here to share our expertise with you as consultants for any IT-related topic, from data management to network security.

Trading Systems
From day one we have been setting up complete end-to-end trading software for our clients. Leveraging our extensive hardware and software knowledge, we deliver ultra-fast trading systems that last for years.


Our Process

Our teams are experienced at developing large scale software quickly and reliably. You can expect the following when TradingSoft works on your project.



First our teams meet with you to discuss your exact needs. We analyze the situation and our staff puts together several proposals for you. We don’t start work until all parties agree on a proposal.



Next, TradingSoft’s teams of engineers, UX experts, and product managers work on the solution. We maintain close communication with you to create a short feedback cycle.



Once complete, we deploy the product to production. TradingSoft will continue to work with you in the following weeks to make sure everything is running smoothly.