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TradingSoft delivers smart, scalable, real-time solutions that address your company's variable needs.

Scaling the Web

Your company has dynamic needs. Activity ebbs and flows throughout the day, and you need a system that grows and shrinks with that demand. TradingSoft leverages single and multi-tenant cloud environments with dedicated and virtual servers to seamlessly keep pace with your users. Let us provide you with a solution that matches your needs.

Real-time Information

TradingSoft combines the right hardware, software, and cloud technologies to provide real-time notifications of events at breakneck speeds.

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Millisecond response times get you actionable information faster than anyone else.
High-performance servers are optimized to process large numbers of requests without slowdowns.
Intelligent software that scales up automatically when demand increases and scales down when demand decreases.
Super efficient databases that house massive amounts of data.
High-capacity network that doesn’t get overwhelmed by high traffic.
Enterprise-level data feed integration gives you immediate feedback.

Why Distributed?

Scale to massive sizes
Your stack grows automatically as demand increases. Sudden fluctuations and spikes are handled gracefully and your users get the best experience.

Smart Resources
Your stack not only scales up automatically but also scales down automatically – saving you money during slow periods.

Global Reach
Put your servers where needed geographically – whether your users are local or live across the world. This ensures the quickest load times.