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TradingSoft has the knowledge and hardware to get your business infrastructure up and running.

In house or in the cloud.

TradingSoft offers a number of infrastructure and IT services for any sized company.

From building custom high-performance web servers to setting up Windows or Linux on your employees’ laptops. TradingSoft will take care of all of your local, virtual, or cloud-based server needs.

Get quicker feedback from clients and employees with VoIP business phone lines, email servers, and custom web chat implementations.

Set up the most efficient, durable, and rapid system around your data with our custom database solutions and content delivery networks.

Fast Hardware. Low price.

TradingSoft uses top of the line equipment – super fast SSDs, high clock processors, and the most durable networking hardware. Our dedicated web servers and database servers consistently out-perform the competition. And our prices are still lower than Amazon, Azure, Rackspace, and VULTR.


What We Provide


Web Servers

Build custom, dedicated, highly-optimized server hardware
Set up O/S (Windows & Linux) on servers or PCs
Host applications in the cloud
System administration
Monitor servers to catch problems before they happen
Conferencing server setup
Set up content delivery networks (CDN) for blazing load times


Web, Phone, Email

VoIP business phone setup
Implement web chat service to talk with your clients real time
Set up email servers
Integrate email with Outlook, web, and mobile apps
Get custom company email ()



Database setup and administration
Integrate custom software
Perform reliable data migration
Backup data routinely
Optimize database performance by improving hardware, network, or design.
Monitor database to ensure 100% uptime
SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, SAP Hana, and more