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TradingSoft creates custom trading software that brings the world's markets to your users' fingertips.
Custom Trading Software

Any platform. Any feature.

TradingSoft will create your trading software exactly how you need it.

Trading Platforms

Reliable, scalable, customizable, configurable. Anything you need.

Web-based Trading Apps

Let your users access their data from anywhere in the world.

Mobile Trading Apps

Enable your application on mobile devices for on-the-go access.

Back Office Software

Help your team focus on work, not administrative distractions.

Rich Functionality.
Great User Experience.

TradingSoft has been developing enterprise-ready trading applications for years. We are equipped to customize your solution to support any number of features.



We support everything your custom trading application needs.

Exchange Connectivity
Order Routers
Exchange Servers
Custom Trading Algorithms
Point and click trading
Back office administration
Accessible Web APIs
History and audit information
Analytics and Visualizations


We deliver quality and performance rapidly.

Our satisfied customers process billions of transactions daily with our software. Working with TradingSoft guarantees your many things.

No down time, no bugs, no lag. Our software just works.

High Speed
Your financial transactions will be measured in single millisconds, and your user interactions closely behind.

Big Data
Scale to any level for any sized data without performance issues.

Rapid Development
Get everything running full-steam in months, not years.

Your solution will stand the test of time for many years before obsolescence.

Do exactly what you need to do with no distractions.


We have long-standing relationships with the largest financial institutions. Our software integrates with these big-time names.

Here to Help

TradingSoft’s experienced teams are ready to consult you with your trading platform. Whether you need hardware support, software support, new functionality, or an entirely new trading application – we are here for you.