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Technology & experience to help you reach hundreds of thousands of users online.

We own technology to rapidly develop and deploy any custom physical exchange or physical trading platform

Physical Trading Platforms

Reach hundreds of thousands online users with a custom, easy to use, scalable web-based online physical trading platform. Built with latest technology by our expert team of exchange developers.

Gold Trading Platforms

Online, scalable, feature-packed & fully-customizable physical gold trading platforms. Using latest solutions and most up to date technology. Reach hundreds of thousands online users!

Cannabis Trading Platforms

Enrich your brokerage services with industry-leading, fully custom cannabis trading platform. Connect to online traders who take part in the fast-paced, developing cannabis trading market.

Physical Trading Platform Development

Let our exchange developers take care of your new physical trading platform development. It is web-based, easy to use, fully scalable & customizable. Our experienced team of exchange developers will personalize it and scale it to meet your needs. Just to guarantee you instant connection to hundreds of thousands of online users.

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Discover how easy it can be for your brokerage company to tap to new physical markets with a custom physical trading platform
Scalable, custom, easy to use, web & mobile physical trading platforms to reach hundreds of thousands of users online
Cutting edge technology combined with our highest level of experience
Team of exchange developers that guarantees top-end development, support, maintenance, updates and monitoring
Customized, to give your clients top level online user experience
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Custom, web-based, scalable.

Personalized – to meet your specific needs
Latest technology – to ensure you get the best
Web based – to allow trader & broker operations online
Scalable – to meet any future changes
Mobile friendly – to let your users access it on any device
Stable – to minimize any down times
Included delivery cost – so you know what you pay for
Secure – monitored by team of expert developers

Gold physical trading web-based platform to connect you with thousands of users online
Latest tools and software technology in hands of experienced team of exchange developers
Stable, secure and fully customized gold trading platform
Included delivery cost
Scalable to meet all your future needs as market trends change
Best solution to produce a customized gold web-based trading platform that you and your clients can rely on

Gold Physical Trading Platform Development

Develop your brokerage firm by adding Gold Physical Trading Platform to your services. We take pride for our state of the art technology combined with expert team of exchange developers. Our Gold Trading Platforms allow trader & broker operations online and instant connection with hundreds of thousands of online users.


Cannabis Physical Trading Platform Development

Marihuana is undergoing legalization and quickly increases its presence throughout North America’s physical trading markets. Our exchange developers let physical brokerage firms take advantage of this new market by building personalized and scalable cannabis trading platforms with the use of the latest technology.


Web-based, scalable, industry-leading cannabis trading platform to connect with hundreds of thousands of online traders who want to take part in the fast-paced THC & CBD trading market
Fully personalized and easy-to-use cannabis trading platform that is customized to meet all your requirements
Most up-to-date technology to give you instant connection with thousands of online traders
In line for a futures index and other derivatives, making the exchange development services of TradingSoft an important piece of your brokerage business
Provide your clients with a custom online trading platform that includes all the features you need