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TradingSoft's automatic hedging software keeps your company stable among the waves of suddenly changing markets.

Protect Your Business From Market Volatility

Price fluctuations in your market can drastically impact your predictability and profitability. A volatile market for the base commodities that your business relies on can spell disaster. We provide software solutions that automate the hedging process to protect you from that uncertainty.

Automatic Hedging Software

Hedge Effectively

Operate Intelligently

• Automatically execute hedges
• Compare gains against risk
• Compute price of each hedge
• Generate reports at any time
• Determine impact of market changes on hedge

• Remove all manual interaction
• Document all transactions
• Follow all regulations and laws
• Integrate with accounting systems
• Define hedge objectives beforehand

Why TradingSoft?

TradingSoft’s industry-leading suite of automatic hedging software reduces the risks of an ever-changing market.

Top Tier Access
Our solutions use top level brokers and execution providers to secure the best rates. And as a technology partner of CQG, we connect to all of the world’s exchanges.

Full Range of Options
Execute transactions in OTC SPOT markets, futures markets, & options markets. TradingSoft’s solutions gives you access to banks, market makers, and futures exchanges such as CME.

ERP System Integration
Fully compatible with NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics, QuickBooks, and other e-commerce systems.

Any Market

Our customers rely on us to protect their investments in many different markets.

Base Metals
Precious Metals
Foreign Currencies

Any Structure

TradingSoft is prepared to handle any type of transaction that you may require.

Range Trades
Vanilla Swaps
Costless Collars

Better Profits

TradingSoft has saved millions of dollars for its clients with its robust Automatic Hedging Software by automatically selecting hedging strategies and routing to the appropriate exchange. Our clients include Zaner, NABX, Border, among many others.

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