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North American Bullion Exchange

Physical Gold Trading Platform



North American Bullion Exchange (NABX) is a precious metals exchange and market-maker offering bullion exchange services, brokerage and liquidation services. Their business relies on real-time market data to offer the best valuations for their market participants, who frequently execute transactions worth millions of dollars. NABX required an online trading platform that could support the high-volume and high-value transactions that its market participants performed.

TradingSoft implemented a custom portal for NABX meeting all of its real-time, high-volume, and security requirements. The system was built on top of an intelligent routing hedging engine that guaranteed stable and predictable precious metals prices at any time. A well-architected design allowed for incredibly fast performance while maintaining security with HTTPS connections and modern software stacks.

TradingSoft also provided custom integration with QuickBooks to accommodate users’ invoicing preferences. The portal has been favorably received by NABX and all of its customers.




Physical Gold Trading Platform