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Trade Replication System



Robbins Trading is a mainstay for many Chicago businesses. They offer many financial and market services to their clients and needed a technology stack that could support a growing customer base.

TradingSoft implemented a leader-follower trade replication system for Robbins Trading. The system is a customer-facing web application featuring synthetic LIMIT processing, strategy order processing, administrative tools, and real-time trade notifications. It also translates in between multiple trading protocols to allow integration with existing systems.

The software suite is essential to Robbins operations and its design reflects that fact: a distributed multi-node architecture prevents any single point of failure. Top-tier data centers are used to host the applications with extremely high availability and minimal latency. All data and notifications are processed real time and acted upon immediately.

The robust software allows Robbins to keep serving its growing customer base with confidence that their services are the fastest and most reliable.

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